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Ariella's Golden Grass Spiral Handbag

Golden Grass is a plant, specie that is found always alive in the desert of Jalapão in the Tocantins state – Center-West of Brazil.
Ariella's Fashion & Style transformed this plant into exotic and beautiful shining handcrafts that shine like gold.

Spiral Golden Grass Handbag Price: $375.00 Website: www.ariellas.com

Ariella's Golden Grass Earring

These light feather earrings made from Golden Grass, are rare  and perfect for any occasion. You can go from beach to a night out looking great.

Due to the unique characteristics of each handmade piece shape will vary, every individual piece is one of a kind.


Golden Grass Earring Hoop Price: $47.00 Website: www.ariellas.com